With us you can always go for an informal intake interview. There are no costs associated with this first meeting. You can also contact us if you can use funded legal assistance. If you meet the conditions of the Legal Aid Council, you only pay a personal contribution for the costs of the legal procedure. On you can see if you are eligible and how much your own contribution is.

If you are not entitled to funded legal assistance, you will receive a clear story from us and no surprises afterwards. In the intake interview, we thoroughly examine your case. Then we also make agreements about the hourly rate.

In addition to the costs that you have to pay to the lawyer, either via legal aid or the hourly rate, you also pay court fees. These are costs that the court makes in the procedure. See on how much the court registry fee is in your situation. Also costs for certificates, for example, a birth certificate, a marriage certificate or a GBA extract that the court needs, are also at your own expense.

Do you have a legal problem? Do not hesitate! If you have any questions or want to make an appointment, please contact us. We are happy to help you.