Sander Orsel

Sander (1976) graduated in 2002 from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam with a major in criminal law. Immediately after graduating, he started working as a lawyer in Zaandam.

Sander has years of experience in criminal law and in personal and family law, which areas of law he counts among his specialties. He has been serving suspects for years, both in criminal cases involving minor offenses and in the so-called mega-cases. Sander is also specialized in juvenile criminal law. He also works from the start of his career in personal and family law, such as divorce proceedings and cases involving child and / or partner alimony. Sander has a  good case knowledge as an highly value and he finds good information is just as important. As a client, you want to know where you stand and you will always receive honest advice from Sander.

E-mail: s.orsel@velthuizenadvocatuur.nl