Kudret Yigit

Kudret studied law at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. She started her career at the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND). As legal representative, Kudret defended the position of the IND at the court in the field of residence permits. She has been working as a lawyer in the Zaanstreek since 2007 and in 2013 she became a partner at Velthuizen Advocatuur.

Kudret successfully completed the Grotius Specialization course in Administrative Law. In this area she can therefore call herself one of the few real specialists in Zaandam. Kudret advises and litigates in all areas of administrative law such as a penalty or fine imposed by the government, withdrawal or refusal of a permit or benefit. It also represents the interests of clients in obtaining an environmental permit or in changing a destination plan. In addition, Kudret is specialized in the legal processing of all family law matters. This usually involves divorces, dissolution of a registered partnership or termination of a relationship with or without a cohabitation contract. A divorce is always an emotional period. With her empathy she can offer you the right support.

You can also contact Kudret for criminal cases. In this area she has years of experience and expertise. Quality is a natural matter.

Kudret brings the legal bottlenecks back to the essence and looks with a broad eye for what is needed to solve your case as well as possible. A clear advice about your legal position and a clear strategy enables you to make informed choices. Her qualities are: decisive, compassionate, careful and knowledgeable.

E-mail: k.yigit@velthuizenadvocatuur.nl